Monday, December 15, 2008

Where The Hell Is E?

Where the hell did Uncle E go?

Why, he's right HERE!!!

Just click on the above link to see where I've gone. Not sure if it's a better format, but I'm kind of bored with this one and thought I'd try something a little different. A few of you cheeky buggers have already discovered it (Fusion 45!). I may use this new blog to delve into a more varied format including comics, general pop culture and more, but the focus will still be music. Since traffic is usually at a minimum on the weekends I'll be stuffing some of the older posts from here on there so I can keep track of some of the...erm...better ones.

I'll still keep this one open for a while (for archival purposes), but there will be no new least for a while. So please for those of you kind enough to include a link to this little site on your far superior one, can you update it?
Thanks a bunch, and head on over to the new blog to see Encle E's Top Albums Of 2008!!


ThomG said...

I will change my linky to reflect this.

Oh, The Hold Steady needs to be in the TOP 5. Doofus.

rick said...

Bob Segarini predicts of the Research Turtles: “I am over the top about this record…[T]hese guys are the band at the top of my list…Could this actually be the The Next Big Thing? If I was 20 years old, this is the band I would want to be in. I cannot give them higher praise than that.”
(full review )

The British magazine Black Velvet said: “ It is this juxtaposition of heavy rock anthem meets surf rock chillout which make Research Turtles such an interesting band. It’s metal meets Britpop. And while many have strived before to unite such genres, Research Turtles do it with a somewhat casual grace and blissful unawareness.”
(full review )

Just let us know if you would like the new CD