Monday, December 8, 2008

Damn Devil iPod, Volume II

So here's a quick update on my iPod/ computer troubles.

Finally got my computer fixed and set up back in the old den, went looking for my music folder and it was nowhere to be found. After about an hour and a half of searching I found an old one which pretty much contained a good majority of the tracks and moved 'em into the new folder.

This took about 25 minutes or so.

Found my EMusic folder and started downloading certain files from that and then all of a sudden my track listing count went from a paired down 8,000 to well over 14,000! Seems a slip of the finger selected "all" so that's what I got. Problem is, a large portion were duplicates so now I had to start the long task of going through the library looking for duped songs. THIS took over 4 hours.

Now, as I write this, I am downloading individual burned cd's I have purchased through iTunes, which takes an ungodly amount of time anyway, but to add insult to injury it's not recognizing the track names or any other info from the house-burned little plastic info discs!!

Which means I have to go in and personally edit each track including the song name, the album name and the artist. Screw the genre, etc.

So that's where I'm at. If I didn't love it so much I would've abandoned this folly long ago...


Hal Johnson said...


ThomG said...

Three words: Desktop hard drive.

Simon said...

Word verification Staxin. Which is almost cool.

Lost my laptop's hard drive last year. Luckily most of the tracks were on my ipod. Transferred them onto the new hard drive and they all went on with no info attached. Had to go through them one by one listening to their intros and then typing in the info. Spent a weekend doing that....

RumpRoast said...

I suggest the portable hard drive as well. But be sure to keep copies of the songs on DVD's.

I had 200 GB of music (all beautifully orgainized, i might add) on a portable hard drive which Windows managed to reformat. Luckily I was able to recover 99% of the music... but it tooks many many days and many many dvd's to do so.

So, get a portable hard drive (magnetic) - and then back it up (optical)!

Brave Sir Robin said...

All sound advice!!

Of course if you just stuck with mixed tapes none of this would even have happened!