Sunday, March 23, 2008

"...and OHHH how they danced, the little people of Stonehenge!"

God help me, I’ve been in a PROG mood all day today.

Rush, early E.L.O., Floyd, The Mars Volta, Genesis and even…gulp…The Alan Parsons Project! I fear I’ve gone too far down the progressive rabbit hole this time and fear I shan’t be returning anytime soon.

The last time this happened I started using words like “thou” , “my lord” and “pantaloon” in every day conversations and even had a hankering to attend, nay PARTICIPATE, in a Renaissance Festival.

I couldn’t concentrate at work. I started doodling unicorns and elves on my budget excel spreadsheets before turning them into my Director for approval. I started referring to my office as my ‘Manor’ and forced my employees to address me as 'Sir Chickweed'. I refused to eat with utensils and brought only large drumsticks for lunches. My attire consisted only of tunics, capes and surcoats.
I almost pawned my wedding band for a double necked bass guitar, for Chrissakes!!

Does anybody reading have the antidote for this affliction? Don't let me get to the point where I learn to play the pan flute.

Please help as soon as you can or I shall force myself into a pillory as punishment for my unholy aural crimes!

Right after I pay a visit to the privy, of course.


Franko6677 said...

Oh God, a prog mood??? I prescribe two albums full of 3-minute power pop songs and a good night's rest. Let me know how you feel in the morning.

Holly A Hughes said...

Let us know if we need to perform an intervention. They really should put warning labels on prog rock albums. I make it my policy NEVER to imbibe.

Uncle E said...

I took Dr. Frank's advice and listened to Big Star Cheap Trick and Fountains Of Wayne for 17 straight hours followed by 12 hours of sleep. I am feeling much better, thank you all for your concern.