Saturday, March 1, 2008

Killing Joke Reunites

From Pitchfork Media:
"30 years after forming and 26 since they last played live together, the original lineup of influential post-punk band Killing Joke has reformed for a new album and a tour. (Via Paper Thin Walls.)

The album will come out this summer, but details remain scarce. The tour, however, is a carefully planned affair. It currently consists of a month of dates across the world this fall, with a fair number of two-night residencies. On the first night of each residency, vocalist/keyboardist Jaz Coleman, guitarist Geordie Walker, drummer Paul Ferguson, and bassist Martin "Youth" Glover (who you might know from his production work for the Verge and the Orb) will tear through their first two albums-- 1980's Killing Joke and 1981's What's This For?-- in their entirety. The second night will feature the foursome doing the same for 1994's Pandemonium and their singles released on Island Records in 1979 and 1980."

Exciting stuff!

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