Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bloody Hell!


I've gone and broken my hand and fractured my arm, folks. Needless to say I may be talking a short sabbatical from blogging for a week or two.
I broke the left, so I can still check back in once in a while, perhaps craft the odd short post.

I think my next regular post will be "Which albums sound the best under the influence of the painkiller NORCO."


Hal Johnson said...

Well dang, Uncle E. I hope you mend up fast. Are you getting pampered by your girls?

Say, you didn't break your Tecate drinking hand, did you?

Uncle E said...

Nope, I only use my right!
Yeah, my girls have been little Florence Nightingales!!

Greg Pate said...

May we ask how this break occurred?

Uncle E said...

Sure, Greg. Got jumped by 12 Belgian, Nazi Skinheads in Shasta Lake defending the honor of my old lady.
Took down 11 of 'em before my left hook missed the 12th and hit a brick wall.

Truth? I was stomping cardboard boxes in my big blue recycle bin and forgot the damned thing had wheels. Went ass over tits and braced for the fall with my left hand.
God it's hard to type with one hand. It's taken me 3 hours just to type this response!

Brave Sir Robin said...

see, recycling is evil!!

Phil Fountain said...

I meant to write a snide comment, maybe about your love life's options being reduced by half, but I couldn't think of anything that wasn't crass or inappropriate.

Holly A Hughes said...

You disappoint me, Phil.

We've been dealing with hand injury at my house as well -- my husband had hand surgery and won't be able to ski when we head to Utah in a couple weeks. Just when I thought maybe I could claim the role of sitting by the fireside in the lodge waiting for the rest of the family...

Well, good luck. Hope the painkillers are worth it.

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