Friday, September 12, 2008

A Brief Discussion Of Kids Tunage

No matter how hard I try I know that my kids are going to eventually listen to music that I find abhorrent. It’s the natural thing to do, they won’t be able to help it. I am force feeding them daily doses of Flaming Lips, My Morning Jacket, Bob Dylan and Sloan even though I know I’ll be rewarded 6 years from now with 2014’s version of “High School Musical”. I can’t give up, I refuse. But maybe I need to start them in the shallow waters of They Might Be Giants instead of throwing them, head first, into the murky depths of Mercury Rev, Underworld or Wilco.

There’s some terrific music for kids nowadays and They Might Be Giants are leading the way. Their infectious melodies and quirky humor has always kind of lent itself to children’s music, but 2002’s “NO”, 2005’s “Here Come The ABC’s” and most likely this year’s “Here Come The 123’s” (don’t have an opinion--haven’t heard it yet) are terrific for the kids and don’t grate on the parent’s nerves. Just listen to “I Am Not Your Broom” or “John Lee Supertaster” for emphatic proof that this stuff, while silly on the outside, has a weird intelligence lurking just beneath the surface.

There should be a resource for this. A friend of mine and I were toying with the idea but it never really got off the ground. So until there is I must rely on you, gentle reader, for additional cool kids album recommendations that won’t make me want to take an ice pick to my eardrums. Any of you parents out there know of any?



GE said...

How old are your kids, Uncle E?

I haven't checked it out much, but this may be a good resource:

Kai said...

I stumbled over via Bravenet. Admittedly, I rarely read the blogs that appear, yours caught my eye. Thanks for the words - it appears we have many things in common, kids, music and otherwise.

Come visit:

Uncle E said...

GE my kids are 4 and 8. I shall check out the link. Thanks!
Welcome KAI, I'm headin' over your way next...thanks for coming.

Holly A Hughes said...

My kids are now 13, 15, and 17. We started them off slowly on the Beatles and the Who (and I snuck in the Kinks when my husband wasn't listening) but it was They Might Be Giants that really hooked them. Mind you, this was years ago, before TMBG started doing "Kids" music with a capital K. Their earlier stuff is quite nicely twisted, and that's what got my kids attention.

I am proud to say that my children are now taking ME to concerts, and introducing me to bands like Motion City Soundtrack, Vampire Weekend, and Of Montreal that are just as poppy and twisted as TMBG.

There's an awful lot of musical pablum out there marketed to kids and their parents. In general I hate it. Does anyone still listen to that nasty twerp Rafi? He was the biggest kids-music star when my teenagers were tiny. Even HE couldn't stand his own music.