Saturday, April 12, 2008

Summer Toons!

Over in my neck of the woods temperatures change virtually overnight from 50 degrees to 90. This change in temperature usually comes hand in hand with a change in my musical tastes and this year is no different.

It’s time for Summer music!

More up-tempo guitar based songs in the morning, lazy acoustic strumming in the afternoon and sedate electronic noodling-type stuff in the evenings is usually par for the course. Decades and genres don’t matter much to me during this time, a good summer tune is a good summer tune, know what I mean? It’s a time when any genre can be mixed alongside another usually totally unrelated genre as long as the feel is similar.
Before the advent of the I-Pod I would have made mixed cd’s, which was time consuming and a little tedious. Now I just drag the songs I want into a play list. Much easier and certainly a lot faster.

I’ve just started the list and here are a few selections:

A Girl Like You: The Troggs
The Only One I Know: The Charlatans UK
Waterloo Sunset: The Kinks
Psycho Killer: Talking Heads
Shut Your Eyes: The Shout Out Louds
Love Vigilantes: New Order
Casey Jones: The Dead
Accidents Will Happen: Elvis Costello
I Hear You Knockin’: Dave Edmunds
Higher Than The Sun: Primal Scream
Peaches: The Stranglers
Come Down On Me: Lemon Jelly
La Femme D’Argent: AIR
It’s Summertime: The Flaming Lips
Save The World: Orson
What You Do To Me: Tennage Fanclub
Redemption Song: Joe Strummer version
No Woman No Cry: Bob Marley
John Prine: The Sins Of Mephisto
Revolution Solution: Thievery Corporation
Everybody’s Happy Nowadays: Buzzcocks
Someday: Cracker
Soul Kitchen: The Doors
Like A Rolling Stone: Dylan
‘39: Queen
Wave Of Mutilation: The Pixies
You Are My Face: Wilco
Moon Over Marin: The DK’s
God Only Knows: The Beach Boys
Ballad Of Wendell Scott: Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper
Monkey Man: The Stones
Summertime Blues: Who (Live At Leeds)
Kalimba Story: Earth Wind and Fire
Nutted By Reality: Nick Lowe

This is, of course, only the beginning. I’ll be adding more later.

Any suggestions?


Franko6677 said...
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Franko6677 said...

Hmm technically difficulties making my last post. Here goes again:

I too once made a summer tunes ipod playlist. I think I've since deleted it, but I can remember a few:

- The Undertones - Here Comes the Summer
- Blondie - The Tide is High and Island of Lost Souls
- Badfinger - Day After Day
- Cocteau Twins - Orange Appled
- The English Beat - Save it for Later
- Belle and Sebastian - Another Sunny Day
- Dwight Twilley - Sky Blue

etc. etc. etc.

Franko6677 said...

Meant to type "technical," but you get the idea.

Holly A Hughes said...

Nice summer list. You inspire me, though honestly we're not anywhere near spring here.

BTW I finally saw Ray Davies sing "Waterloo Sunset" live last week. It was all I'd ever expected and more...

Uncle E said...

Frank, I agree with everything on your list except...Cocteau Twins. I always think of them as a winter-type band, very atmospheric and moody. Maybe you could explain that choice qnd change my mind...

Holly, glad you enjoyed Ray. I saw them in the 80's and that and Lola were the two standout highlights!

ps: sorry it's still cold there. If it's any consolation it'll be in triple digits here VERY soon.