Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Best Beatles Album Never Made

...hey, I can dream, can't I?

Title: Imagine If All Things Must Pass At The Speed Of Sound

Side One, Disc One:

The Art Of Dying (Harrison)
Mother (Lennon)
Eat At Home (McCartney)
What Is Life (Harrison)
Working Class Hero (Lennon)

Side Two, Disc One:

Juniors Farm (McCartney)
Isn’t It A Pity (Harrison)
Imagine (Lennon)
Let ‘Em In (McCartney)
My Sweet Lord (Harrison)

Side One, Disc Two:

Jealous Guy (Lennon)
Heart Of The Country (McCartney)
I’d Have You Anytime (Harrison)
Woman (Lennon)
Uncle Albert/ Admiral Halsey (McCartney)

Side Two, Disc Two:

If Not For You (Harrison)
I’m Losing You (Lennon)
Hi Hi Hi (McCartney)
I Live For You (Harrison)
Just Like Starting Over (Lennon)


RumpRoast said...

Nice work, Uncle E... but where's the token Ringo track?

Uncle E said...

Yeah, in my version of the 70's Beatles Ringo is replaced by Neil Peart of RUSH.
Nah, I realized I should have put "It Don't Come Easy" at the very least, possibly at the end of side three.

Holly A Hughes said...

Well, I must say, I'd have picked other Macca tracks -- in fact, except for Heart of the Country, these are the Macca tracks that embarrass me. (He sure had a gift for choosing his worst stuff to release as singles, didn't he?) Putting Let 'Em In next to Imagine and My Sweet Lord is stacking the deck pretty unfairly against our Paulie. But maybe that's your devious plan...

Uncle E said...

Nah, no devious plan Holly. I actually enjoy "Let Em In". RAM is by far my favorite album by Paul, though.