Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hairway To Steven

My neighbor just bought himself an electric guitar.

I know this only because he insists on practicing outside, with the amplifier apparently pointing directly at my house.
His musical tastes run the gambit from decent to abysmal, with the greater percentage focusing on the abysmal. The decent: Alice Cooper, The Eagles, Pink Floyd.
The bad? Toby Keith, Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks (sorry all you modern country music fans out there, I just can't get into it!), and many more.

As God is my witness I thought California had a law banning the practice of Stairway To Heaven by beginners.
Apparently not, though, ‘cause that’s what he’s attempting as I write this. I have heard the beginning to Stairway at least 12 times this morning and he always stops and re-starts at exactly the same moment.

I really shouldn’t be baggin’ on the guy. I couldn’t play the theme to Batman, much less Stairway To Heaven, if my life depended on it. I can, however, warble my way through "The Barney Miller Theme" on the bass, but I digress. It’s really annoying the crap out of me right now and since I have this blog I am going to rant!


Hear that?


Sweet, sweet silence.

Maybe I won’t publish this now that he’s…oh crap.

He’s back again, this time with “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath!

You know, I’ve got some water balloons in the garage. It might be a good bonding experience for me and my youngest daughter to fill ‘em up and lob ‘em across the fence.

What do you think?


Hal Johnson said...

I think he wouldn't stand a chance against that youngest daughter of yours.

Then again, you could try praying for a power failure.

Uncle E said...

Ha! Yes, she'd massacre them, wouldn't she Hal?
I heard you were feeling a little under the weather. Perhaps joining us would make you feel better. I've got some Tecate in the fridge...