Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Brief History Of The Album's Decline In Value

From the L.A. Times...
"Mired in what will soon be an eight-year downturn, the music business has not only struggled to sell CDs, but has failed to find a consistent price point for new albums. is bringing the cost of an album to new lows, having publicized Tuesday its sale price of $1.99 for a piece of Coldplay's catalog.

Throughout the week, the digital retailer will offer each of Coldplay's prior albums at the $1.99 price point for one day as part of its "daily deals" program. While this writer thinks it's high time that music retailers began heavily discounting the cost of MP3 albums, Apple's iTunes store has set the $9.99 standard, despite the desires of major labels for variable pricing. (Regardless of sound quality and distribution costs, it's an inferior product to a CD, as the consumer must back up the files.)"
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