Monday, June 9, 2008

Great Albums Released In 1979 was a very good year!

Elvis Costello And The Attractions – Armed Forces
The Undertones – The Undertones
Neil Young, Rust Never Sleeps
The B 52’s – The B 52’s
XTC – Drums And Wires
Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures
Tom Petty, Damn The Torpedoes
Gang Of Four – Entertainment
The Police – Regatta De Blanc
Specials – The Specials
Simple Minds, Reel To Real Cocophony
The Clash – London Calling
Nick Lowe--Labour Of Lust
Roxy Music, Manifesto
Sex Pistols, The Great R&R Swindle (ok, noty an OFFICIAL release, but still plain FUN!)
Pink Floyd, The Wall
Madness, One Step Beyond
Adam And The Ants, Dirk Wears White Sox
Ian Dury, Do It Yourself
The Damned, Machine Gun Etiquette
The Cars, Candy O
Cheap Trick, Dream Police and At Budokan
Dave Edmunds, Repeat When Necessary
The Stranglers, The Raven
Supertramp, Breakfast In America (guilty pleasure, admittedly)
Squeeze, Cool For Cats
Graham Parker, Squeezing Out Sparks
The Jam, Setting Sons
Joe Jackson, Look Sharp/ I’m The Man
The Kinks, Low Budget

...anything else?


Nik said...

Great blog yourself, thanks for the link! '79 was a mighty good year, my favorites would have to include Gang of Four, Joy Division and that fantastic Armed Forces album. Oo, and XTC's Drums & Wires, and of course London Calling... And I've a soft spot for Dylan's underrated "Slow Train Coming" album myself.

Let's not forget Rod Stewart's "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" of course. On second thought, let's.

Holly A Hughes said...

I'd have to add Graham Parker, Squeezing Out Sparks, nad Joe Jackson's I'm the Man.

And while Jesus of Cool may have been one of the best albums around in 1979, it was released in 1978 (as noted in your earlier post). I believe you meant to type Labour of Lust, which definitely does belong on this list.

Uncle E said...

But Holly, I did! I included I'm The Man by JJ after Look Sharp (same yr).
And no excuse for the Nick Lowe snafu, attributable to a brain fart. Thanks for the correction! It's been fixed.

And, Welcome, Nik!

ThomG said...

OK, remember I was in high school and no one got my punk attitudes, so I played along sometimes. In that case, AC/DC's "Highway to Hell." And I'd also put up Talking Heads "Fear of Music." I played that for people and they looked at me. Kinda funny.

Anonymous said...

Dylan's "Slow Train Coming" was a great album, even if you weren't a crazed evangilical.
"5" by J.J. Cale
And how about the first completely digitally recorded pop LP? Ry Cooder's "Bop 'Til You Drop"
"Communique" by Dire Straits, maybe my favorite DS LP.
Rickie Lee Jones debut (should have been listed among the best debut albums)
"Into The Music" by Van Morrison
"Songs In The Key Of Life" by Stevie Wonder...I'll bet there were some others...