Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Spoonful Of Angst Makes The Medicine Go Down

*(Written Wednesday night, 7:43pm)

I’m in a real foul mood.

When this happens (which it does, more frequently lately) I don’t want to listen to any music that isn’t a) really loud, b) really obnoxious and puerile, c) anything with more than three chords, d) really fast and e) anything that I need to “think about” to enjoy.
Let me be clear: I want my fu*#in’ ears to bleed! I want to be able to yell along with the music, not simply sing, and I wanna be able to pound my fist into the dashboard in time with the drum beat.

Yeah, that’s about it. And usually, by the time I get home, I’m over whatever got me in this mood to begin with. A musical form of primal scream therapy, if you will. And I needed it today. BAD.

Here’s the track list that did it for me today:

“War” by D.O.A.
“Riot” by the Dead Kennedys
“Let There Be Rock” by AC/DC
“Kill All Hippies” by Primal Scream
“Blindness” by The Fall
“Candy Ass” by The Fleshtones
“Damaged Goods” by Gang Of Four
“Raw Power” by The Stooges
“Kick Out The Jams” by The MC5

…and that’s all I had time for. I actually stayed in the driveway until “Kick Out The Jams” was complete. Now it’s time to self medicate with some Ny-Quil and a Guinness chaser and I’ll be back to face it all again tomorrow.

A new day.



The Vinyl District said...

Aw, cheer up - you just made TVD's must read list. (For what THAT'S worth, anyway!)

ThomG said...

Replacements, "The Ledge"
Transplants, "Tall Cans in the Air"
Mclusky, "Lightsabre Cocksucker Blues"

Uncle E said...

Hey VD that means a LOT! Thanks much!
Nice list Thom, very angst-y.