Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hey, I Didn't Know Charles Manson Had A Sister!?!

You folks have proven that you're a creative bunch, so why don't you take the above photo of everyone's favorite freak-muffin Devendra Banhart and create your own caption? Hey, you could get really creative and come up with your own story to go along with the photo! Or you could just leave a snide comment. Readers choice.

This blog is now, officially, in your hands...


Anonymous said...

Dev: Woah, bra, I came across this rad blog about uh, music . . . like there is so many great entries and observations and, like . . . woah I thought I heard . . .
Dev's bud: What? Have you heard that song by Charles Manson?
Dev: What's Your Game?
Dev's bud: No. Mechanical Man.
Dev: Oh, yeah, we should cover that song.
Dev's bud: What were you saying about the music blog?
Dev: Oh, This Uncle E dude is all over the tunes, bra. He writes barrels full of insanely cool things, uh, if you're really into music, uh, it's just great.
Dev's bud:I'll look around while we're here.
Dev: Do. Hey, I had a dream last night that I was Marc Bolan. I totally felt like I had stars in my beard and like my tremelo was uber.
Dev's bud: Woah.
(written by CDillon who knows she will not successfully navigate the sign in)

Matt said...

"I never should have bought Carla tickets for that Peaches concert."

Uncle E said...

Very nice, you two! Don't mean to be pickin' on the ban-man, but come on! That picture is beggin' fer it!