Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cracking Up

I cannot wait any longer. My patience is running thin.

I’ve played the re-issue of Nick Lowe’s Jesus Of Cool about a billion times since it came out this year, and it’s great that Nick is finally on a label that respects his massive talent, but it’s time for the fine folks over at Yep Roc records to get off the dumper and re-issue the rest of his catalog.


Start with Labor Of Lust and work your way up, people. Then, but only if you’re feeling generous, start releasing the old Brinsley Schwarz stuff as well. With all the turmoil and uncertainty in the world today we could surely use a little more Nick.


Holly A Hughes said...

Amen, brother.

But is it really impossible to get LoL these days? I can't remember where I got mine, though I came ridiculously late to the manger myself -- ah, it was probably an eBay purchase, and I probably paid way too much for it.

I reckon YepRoc doesn't want to spoil JoC sales by bringing out the others too soon. (Not that that keeps them from issuing a non-stop stream of Robyn Hitchcock oldies these days -- box set after box set of Robyn Hitchcock's toenail clippings...) And perhaps they know they've really got to addict people to Nick Lowe before they bring out Pinker and Prouder Than Previous or The Abominable Showman. Those nearly killed Nick's career the first time around.

PS Do you just do these Nick Lowe posts to summon me out of lurker mode?

Mark said...

I agree, it's definitely time for some more Nick Lowe reissues! I would bet that Holly's right about Yep Roc not wanting to rush things. And Jesus of Cool got quite a bit of press, well, for Nick Lowe maybe they want to give every reissue it's moment in the sun, so to speak.

And yes, Yep Roc is clearly in love with Robyn Hitchcock. Which is fine with me. They've put out 2 seperate 5 CD boxed sets within 12 months, which means that I have a lot of Robyn to listen to! I've just started to explore "I Wanna Go Backwards," and now "Luminous Groove" is waiting to be listened to. Oh well, I'll take record companies putting out too much too soon rather than the reverse.