Friday, August 29, 2008

Record Review: Ice Mac Sea

Pal Hal, who reamins one of my favorite undiscovered writers (if only he would post more often)and who maintains a blog entitled "Dispatches From The Away Dad Nation", discovered an interesting artist I thought warranted further exposure.

There's no way on God's green earth that I could do a better job of dissecting the unique Ice Mac Sea better than Hal, so without further adieu I give you Hal's excellent review, posted a couple of weeks ago.

"Michael McCrickard, aka Ice Mac Sea, calls his music “listenable, but downright weird alternative rocking country-techno pop.” If you’re the sort of listener who simply must put things in a category, that’ll do.

I discovered Ice Mac Sea at four in the morning while driving to Sacramento airport. The car rental company had apparently run short of cheap cars, because I got one with satellite radio. I tuned up the “Progressive Country” channel, and a half-hour down Interstate 5, Ice Mac Sea’s “Steve Earle” popped up.

Gram Parsons never died
You can hear him singing every night
They love the dead ones the best
They never disappoint you like the rest.

I liked “Steve Earle” right away. I pulled over at the next gas station, and wrote down the name of the artist. I was afraid to rely on my memory, since the sun hadn’t even shown a hint, and my caffeine level was dangerously low.

So, I decided that I had to have “Measure for Measure” in its entirety. It’s a leap of faith to buy an album based on one song, but that one song led me to believe that Ice Mac Sea had something special to offer."

...continue reading the rest of the review HERE

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