Sunday, August 10, 2008

E's Pet Peeve #3,987,002

The Itunes store is really pissing me off. There's a new Primal Scream album which came out two weeks or so ago and the US store isn't making it available yet for some damn reason. Jeezus, you'd think that someone would figure out this international copyright crap. I'm sick of screaming "CONVERT MY EFFIN US DOLLARS INTO PESOS/PONDS/FRANCS ETC ALREADY, ITUNES! HOW FRIGGIN'' HARD CAN THAT BE?!?!?" at my computer. Plus it's scaring the kids.

So, to summarize...

The Canadian store has it.

The Australian store has it.

The UK store has it.

The friggin Denmark store has it (a STEAL at only 80.00 KR!)

F*&cking New Zealand has it!!!

...but not the good old U.S.A., where everything is at your fingertips and available at the click of a mouse. Except the album I want, of course. And I hear it's kind of mediocre...

...but I still want it.

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