Monday, August 18, 2008

Top 50 All Time Best Albums? You Be The Judge!

Here's one person's fairly eclectic "Top 50 Albums Of All Time" list, in video format, submitted by a reader. I think I agree with about half of these. How about you?


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Not exactly my Top 50, but not too bad. Pretty good for, I presume, a 30-something. Weezer? Guns N' Roses at #5? Guns N' Roses on the list at all? Prince? Green Day? No Hendrix? The Beatles' Please Please Me? I guess you could put their catalog on the list, so just go for the first one to represent? Gets points for Violent Femmes.

Anonymous said...

Way off - This top fifty is really a personal taste top fifty.. Sales and popularity have to be accountled for.. I could think that an LP that has never been heard before is the best Album ever but, that is just my taste and should not be on a top fifty list... This is no where close to a top fifty..