Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Great (?) Albums Released In 1990

…and God said, “Let there be Raves, and “E”, and Career Resurrections!”, and so it came to pass, and it was good…

Happy Mondays, Pills ‘N’ Thrills And Bellyaches
Neil Young, Ragged Glory
Iggy Pop, Brick By Brick
Uncle Tupelo, No Depression
Replacements, All Shook Down
Urban Dance Squad, Mental Floss For The Globe
Nick Cave, The Good Son
Ozric Tentacles, Erpland
Boo Radleys, Ichabod And I
Prefab Sprout, Jordan: The Comeback
Jellyfish, Bellybutton
Paul Simon, The Rhythm Of The Saints
They Might Be Giants, Flood
Brian Eno, Wrong Way Up
808 State, Utd. 90
Stereo MC’s, Supernatural
KLF, Chill Out
Public Enemy, Fear Of A Black Planet
Urge Overkill, Americruiser
Waterboys, Room To Roam
Black Crowes, Shake Your Money Maker
Bob Dylan, Under The Red Sky
Van Morrison, Enlightenment
Pixies, Bossanova
Teenage Fanclub, A Catholic Education
Nick Lowe, Party Of One
Pet Shop Boys, Behavior
Flaming Lips, In A Priest Driven Ambulance
Renegade Soundwave, In Dub
Lloyd Cole, Lloyd Cole
The Charlatans, Some Friendly
Inspiral Carpets, Life
Dave Edmunds, Closer To The Flame
Depeche Mode, Violator
The Lemonheads, Lovey
Edwyn Collins, Hell-bent On Compromise
The Fall, Extricate
Galaxie 500, This Is Our Music

And up next, one of my favorite years in all of modern music...1991.


Simon said...

I was working in a record shop 1988-1992. You know how sometimes in a job you go through a period where everything is good? You're enjoying your work, there's a good bunch of people you're working with and you actually socialise with them and have a great time? More often than not it all goes to shit after that, but there is a golden age! Just looking at Pills, Thrills, Bellyaches takes me back to that point. As do most of the titles you list. Ah to be 21 and working in a record shop again. Two thirds of the staff were young attractive women. The other third were male. And over half of the men were gay. So the remaining dozen or so of the straight males (me included!) were having a grand old time!

Uncle E said...

Great story, I bet quite a few of the folks who frequent this little blog have record shop stories as well. Pills Thrills, etc still sounds great and subversive.