Monday, October 27, 2008

This Might Take A While...

Our main computer crashed over the weekend, and I'm having difficulty retrieving the 12,000 or so songs from the hard drive. I've got them on my iPod, but I'm not technically savvy enough to transfer them to the iTunes folder on my laptop.
So...I'm gonna have to start it all over again, downloading cd by cd. That's not such a bad thing, really, the thing was due for a thorough scrubbing anyway. I'll try to post stuff as often as possible, but perhaps they won't be as frequent as they have been, for a while anyway. Every other day most likely, maybe more. If any of you out there know how I can transfer the contents of my iPod to the laptop (other than just the "purchased through iTunes songs--I have a lot that weren't!), please tell me how in the comments section. Thanks much.


Holly A Hughes said...

I feel your pain.

Apparently one should have been doing back-up -- to some drive not on your computer -- all along. I do vaguely recall the occasional pop-up window nagging me to perform such back-up. But did I listen? No way. I used to back up my work on A zip drive, but then somebody told me that was obsolete technology. So instead of using obsolete technology I used no technology. Very smart.

Not only did I have to reload my entire iTunes by hand onto a new computer, I've just had to do the same for my daughter, working backward from her iPod. Luckily she only had 800 songs. I had . . . well, more than 800.

Good luck!

Simon said...

Happened to me last year.

I followed the advice here:,239036128,240091060,00.htm

But I have a mac, apparently for PC users 3rd party software is the way to go. Can't help with that though. Hope you've had good luck!