Monday, October 13, 2008

Special Presidential Election Post

We interrupt this musical broadcast to bring you a special "Election 2008" alert. In these uncertain times we, as Americans, must vote for a candidate who embodies our most cherished values, who shares our vision of a secure America and who has the smarts and experience to lead us out of this quagmire our current administration has gotten us into. No, I'm not speaking of local candidate Philbert, I am speaking of the honorable Alfred E. Newman!
With that in mind I humbly offer you The Nightmare's favorite election covers of the past 40 years, starting with our personal favorite.

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Harry Ames, Jr. said...

Mr. Neuman has run in every presidential election since 1960 and has consistently been the candidate "you could trust."
If I were not registered in the Surrealist Light People's Party and thus committed to voting for the Papoon/Tirebiter ticket, Alfred E. Neuman would be my third or fourth choice.