Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Must Share

My daughter, I think, may have sprained her ankle.

She's 8.

She has a boy "friend" named Dylan who is the most thoughtful, caring little man I think I have ever met. A few weeks ago while we were camping at Mount Lassen, my youngest daughter (aged 4) fell in a river (as she often does) and Dylan offered my shivering little angel his shirt.
Now, with my eldest hobbling around like Captain Ahab, he is coming over to our house to offer her his walking stick. What a gentleman!

It must have something to do with his mom and dad, two of the finest folks I know.

Thanks buddy!


Hal Johnson said...

I talked to Rhonda a couple of hours ago, and she told me that while they were driving back from your place, Dylan said, "Mom, this has been a great day." Thanks for helping my kid have a great day.

And yeah, Dylan has always shown kindness. Well, maybe not so much when he uses Dad as a trampoline, but what the heck.

Debby said...

It's always a wonderful thing to catch glimpses of the human being your kid is growing into. Good job, Hal and Rhonda! Uncle E, just the fact that you notice kindness indicates your angels are in good hands as well. I love watching good parents do their parenting business. In today's world it almost seems a lost art sometimes....

Uncle E said...

Hal you know I can't say enough about you and your "brood".
Thanks Debby for the kind words. I'm awful glad to hear you're ok.