Thursday, May 1, 2008

Is My Sense Of Humor That Odd?

I received an email from a co-worker a couple of days ago that went something like this:

“Is there a local annual event, a local tradition, a local cool thing to do that we can have the writers start researching for our Winter Holiday magazine? Any great ideas? I had thoughts about downtown Red Bluff but I'd like something closer to Redding.”

I replied, via email:

"Cottonwood has an interesting, albeit politically incorrect, tradition where the local elected officials dress up in Medieval garb (tunics, capes, etc) and conduct jousting matches on donkeys substituting Christmas trees for the traditional lances. When done they regale the stunned onlookers with stories of alien abduction whilst washing down Buckley's cough syrup.

Hey, may make for an interesting story…”

So she forwards this “idea” and gets the ball rolling on a story for the magazine. I had to, of course, intercept the thing before the writer had a chance to start his/ her research on the X-Mas donkey jousting.

I’m not even sure Cottonwood has “local elected officials”.

I just wanted to lighten the mood, lessen the tension, but apparently this person either thought a) it was a great lead on a peculiar local Christmas tradition and would make an excellent story or b) that they simply glanced and forwarded the email without really reading it.

Lots of people don’t get my warped sense of humor, but some do. SCTV, Monty Python, Christopher Guest and Reno 911 fans get it. People who think Larry The Cable Guy is the funniest thing since Gomer Pyle do not.

For example, I think the following “song collage” by They Might Be Giants (I knew I’d work music in here somehow!) is extremely funny. Not neccessarily the video, but the song (entitled 'Fingertips') itself. As a matter of fact I think it's brilliant.

But like I said, I may be a little tetched in the head.


ThomG said...

Nobody has been getting me for 45 years. I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

They don't get me either...but I think they're friggin' hilarious.

RumpRoast said...

Thank you very much, Uncle E, for reminding me of the very brilliant Fingertips. In fact, I recall listening to that for the first time with you, in the basement of your compound in Rural Canada, in a somewhat euphoric state.

Interesting to note that my son is now a big TMBG fan... every Friday night after daycare, it's straight to the computer to check out their weekly kids' podcast. (Highly recommended, by the way)

And no, it's not you that's odd... it's all the rest of 'em that are whacked.

Uncle E said...

Euphoric is quite apt for the state we were no doubt in, Rump!
TMBG have turned into quite the artistic kiddy band, haven't they? Clever little buggers...