Friday, May 9, 2008

An Album For The Go Go Reagonomics Generation

BAND NAME: Neon Neon
ALBUM TITLE: Stainless Style

Only Gruff Rhys (singer/ songwriter/ madcap of Super Furry Animals fame) would have the cajones big enough to attempt a concept album about John DeLorean.

Couple that with the fact that he uses vintage analog synthesizers to obtain an authentic Reagan era new wave soundscape and you should come to the conclusion that the guy is absolutely bonkers.

Aside from a few misguided ’raps’, Stainless Style is a wonderful, irony free trip back to the future. There are many allusions to early electro and tight, tuneful “new wave” pop--think Altered Images, New Order--but it never comes across as a pale comparison, rather a fantastic re-creation of the best from that decade.

It’s a relatively short listen, 12 songs in all and just over 40 minutes, but the cohesiveness and sheer fun-factor of the album make it seem substantial. The ’concept’ is secondary to the music (thank God!), and overall I have to admit I think it’s a stronger release than SFA’s latest, “Hey Venus”. And that’s no small compliment.

Frank, author of the fantastic music blog “Vinyl Goldmine” (RIGHT RAIL LINK) and frequent Canadian commenter and master of great musical taste "RUMPROAST" are going to love this one…

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