Saturday, May 24, 2008

Great Albums Released In 1977

A new 'serial' blog topic. I hope to get all the way to present year by the end of the year, culminating in my "Best Of 2008" selections. If I leave any of your favorites off, leave 'em in the "comments" section and I will add them to the list. As long as I agree, of course...

The Jam, In The City
David Bowie – Low
Television – Marquee Moon
Iggy Pop – The Idiot
Kraftwerk – Trans Europe Express
The Clash – The Clash
Iggy Pop – Lust For Life
Randy Newman – Little Criminals
Talking Heads – Talking Heads ‘77
Elvis Costello, My Aim Is True
David Bowie – “Heroes”
Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols
Suicide – Suicide
Ramones – Rocket To Russia
Dave Edmunds--Get It
The Kinks--Sleepwalker
Queen--News Of The World
Rush--A Farewell To Kings
Weather Report--Heavy Weather
Stranglers--Rattus Norvegicus


RumpRoast said...

Rumours - Fleetwood Mac

Has to be there!

Hal Johnson said...

Good list. I bought "My Aim is True" soon after it came out, and I didn't like it. Probably two months went by before I gave it another chance, leading to one of those "wow" moments.

Here's three I'd add:

Dixie Dregs, "Free Fall."

Steve Miller Band, "Book of Dreams."

Tom Waits, "Foreign Affairs."

Sarah said...

Wire: Pink Flag
(Otherwise, I believe your list is complete!)