Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What A Steal!

I just downloaded two in-studio interviews/ performances by Nick Lowe, singing tracks off of his newest album, At My Age, and talking between tracks about his influences in addition to anecdotal information about the songs. In other words, Nick Lowe 'Unplugged'. Pretty cool stuff. What it is, really, is NPR's 'Fresh Air' series available for purchase on itunes. They're categorized under 'AUDIOBOOKS'. There are a ton of others as well, such as Flight Of The Conchords, Leonard Cohen, Ray Davies, etc etc etc.

And you know what it cost me for two, 51 minute performances?


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Holly A Hughes said...

That's a nice interview, as I recall. Nick's always charming -- wry, bemused, self-deprecating, the whole bit.

I wanna work for NPR.

I have loads of radio interviews piled up in a box somewhere, but the truth is, I never listen to them a second time. It's like having a conversation twice.