Saturday, February 9, 2008

iPod Roulette

It’s time for another edition of “iPod Roulette”, ladies and germs.

Uncle E is putting it all on the line again for your petty amusement and desire for cheap thrills!
I’ve decided to up the ante for this one by adding an additional five tracks. Stupid or daring, I don’t know.

Probably stupid.

Here we go…thumb on the button and…SHUFFLE!

#1. Running Scared, by Roy Orbison.
Hey, he's a classic! I'm gonna be allright.

#2. The Ballad Of Wendell Scott, By Mojo Nixon
One of my favorite turd-rockers from San Diego. Cool.

#3. Victoria, by The Kinks
Doesn't get more classy than Ray Davies. 12 to go.

#4. Great King Rat, by Queen
Oohhh. I've already confessed my love for Queen, but this Dungeons & Dragons track from their early days is right on the edge...

#5. Ways To Be Wicked, by Lone Justice
Don't think anyone out there will know this little known band from the 80's. God, I don't even remember them!

#6. Venus In Furs, The Velvet Underground
Ok, now we're smokin'. Cool incarnate, man.

#7. Your Possible Past, by Pink Floyd
Don't care what all you Floyd-Heads out there think, The FInal Cut was a damn fine album!!

#8. Dirty Day, by U2
Back in the days when U2 were still good. Seven more to go.

#9. Oye Como Va, by Santana
This is going well.

#10. Peter’s Donuts, by Bob and Doug McKenzie
Those damn drunken Canadian bufoons can still make me laugh!

#11. When The Lovelight Starts SHining Through His Eyes, by The Supremes
An early Motown classic, way before Diana Ross became a man.

#12. Wishbone, by Architecture In Helsinki
One of my least favorite songs on the album "In Case We Die". Artistically sound, though.

#13. Baby Boomerang, by T. Rex
Can't go wrong with the T Man!!!!

#14. The Wrath Of Marcie, by The Go! Team

Like the soundtrack to "Adult Swim" programs on the Cartoon Network. These guys have really grown on me in the last few months. Just ONE left now...

#15. Mother’s Talk, by Tears For Fears
All right, not disasterous. Dated, but not embarrassing.



Hal Johnson said...

Ah yes, Lone Justice. Maria McKee had and has an amazing voice. I loved the "cowpunk" period, short as it was.

Holly A Hughes said...

Well, as you can imagine, I'm still singing "Victoria" and didn't listen to a single thing on the shuffle after that.

But if I did, I'd have to say that VU and Pink Floyd are not my favorite iPod music; there's too great a temptation to fast-forward when they start to get into the long self-indulgent instrumentals. (Ditto for the Santana and T. Rex -- I just zone out.) But you redeemed yourself with the MacKenzie brothers -- and I'm not even Canadian! Don't apologize for Tears for Fears, either.

And I'm sorry, but what are the Supremes doing on your shuffle? You should do a post someday on artists who got so offensive, they eventually taint even the stuff you used to love. I grew up on those girls, I knew every word of every song and could even do hand-motion routines to half the songs -- and now the opening bars make me want to BARF. Do you think I can sue Diana for pain and suffering?

Uncle E said...

Well, I guess whether one listens to Floyd Of the VU on their iPod can depend on how much time has commuting to work each day. For me it's a mere 30 minutes so listening to "Echoes" or "Sister Ray" is kinda out of the question.
And GOOD ON YA for knowing the McKenzie Brothers!

Uncle E said...

...and GOOD ON YA, Hal, for remembering Lone Justice!
That's worth four rock snob gold stars! Use 'em wisely...