Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just A Minor Vent...

Just got kicked out of the living room for making fun of this years American Idol Finalists. It's 70's week and I've just heard the worst renditions EVER of Killer Queen, Hot Blooded and Papa Was A Rolling Stone. My girls love the show, but the price to watch in our house includes putting up with the verbal abuse I toss out to the contestants every once in a while.

Given my twisted and sarcastic personality I can't help but make snide remarks when confronted with such an obvious musical affront (and I'm sure that poor Freddie Mercury is turning in his grave tonight). In explaining to my 7 year old daughter why I didn't like this particular version of Killer Queen, I said,
"Do you like orange juice? How about tomorrow morning we fill your glass with half water, half OJ, 14 cups of sugar and a pickle?"

She stuck her tongue out and made a gagging noise.

"Exactly", I said.


RumpRoast said...

I overheard said episode in my office as the wife watched last night. Amen to every single one of your comments, Uncle E.

But why all the praise from the judges for that cringe-inducing version of "Imagine"? A schmaltzy, over-wrought cover of a song that should likely be considered sacred. And I'm not even a big John Lennon fan.

Am I so out of touch with The Kids?

Uncle E said...

You and me both, Rumproast. Joyfully out ouf touch.

Anonymous said...

The wife and I sat on the couch, she said lets see whats on idle. My face contorted I said what no ffffing way, with the remote in hand. She looked at me, I folded in a heartbeat. I switched to the show just in time to see pappa was a rolling stone what a laugh it was crapp. I think it put my wife off, maybe, who am I kidding
she'll watch it again.

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