Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I bet this never happened to Iggy Pop.

Stepping in puppy crap and spot cleaning urine stains off the carpet at 2am is soooooooooo not rock and roll, man. As a matter of fact it's probably one of the least rock and roll things that can happen to a person!

I have a question for you: If someone drop-kicks a puppy across a fence, and no one's around to hear, did it really happen?

Just had to get that off my chest. Thanks for reading.



Hal Johnson said...

Who knows, maybe Iggy Pop has stepped on crap left by a human guest.

Don't know the answer to your question. But heck, I've thought about drop kicking Donald Trump, and he never crapped on my carpet.

Uncle E said...

You know Hal, I didn't think of that angle, but you're right! I am SURE Iggy has cleaned up human crap, perhaps David Bowie's, during their "Berlin" phase...

Phil Fountain said...

Scatological references to Iggy Pop, eh?
Your blog is really going downhill. Pretty soon it'll be as bad as Hitler's Titties.
Come on, look into your puppy's little puppy eyes and feel the love.

There's always the microwave.

ThomG said...

Rock 'N Rollers have to deal with a lot of hurl, man. Nasty, drug-induced hurl. There are always trade-offs.

Brave Sir Robin said...


Greg Pate said...

Iggy Pop...Poop...Puppy... hmmm, what about a new confection, Puppy Pops? Like a critter on a stick, only more tender! And covered with a generous coating of lark's vomit.

Uncle E said...

Hmnnn? I think you're onto something there Greg.

One question though: should I shave the puppy BEFORE deep frying?

I'll be awaiting your suggestion.