Tuesday, February 12, 2008

1 Line Record Reviews

Encapsulating for your (dis)pleasure some of my favorite albums in one easy to digest sentence.

Hey, it's harder than it looks…

OK Computer, by Radiohead: “The template for the future of alternative rock.”

Revolver, by The Beatles: “Every band today owes a massive sonic debt to Revolver.”

Stone Roses, The Stone Roses: “Psychedelic pop matched with the freewheeling spirit of Funkadelic and Led Zeppelin.”

Dark Side Of The Moon, Pink Floyd: “So sonically brilliant I understand they have an entire factory in Germany dedicated to creating just this one CD.”

Jesus Of Cool, by Nick Lowe: “Anyone who can write a lyric like ‘I heard they castrated Castro’ and make it the poppiest thing since the Archies deserves massive props!”--thanks for the 'steal', Phil...

London Calling, by The Clash: “The punks cried ‘Sell out’ while everyone else cried ‘Genius!’”

Blood On The Tracks, by Bob Dylan: “One broken marriage, one great album, filled with warmer acoustic numbers that are still inspiring the young’uns!”

Parklife, by Blur: “The younger, cheekier and seedier brother to Ray Davies' The Villiage Green Preservation Society, Parklife is 1990's England personified.

Screamadelica, by Primal Scream: “Perfectly blending the drugged out bliss of the 1960’s with the drugged out bliss of the early 1990’s, Screamadelica is a masterpiece of modern sonic experimentation and organic instrumentation that still sounds revelatory even today.

Hunky Dory, by David Bowie: “Better than Ziggy Stardust, period.”

Kind Of Blue, by Miles Davis: “No beret or funny little beard required to enjoy this cornerstone album, just good taste.”

Transformer, by Lou Reed: “A more gloriously seedy celebration of junkies, whores and transvestites has never been heard.”

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