Friday, February 1, 2008

Something's Gone Wrong, Again!

Something messed up and I had to remove the music player. Toby Keith and a slew of other talentless hacks started popping up, and God knows we can't have that.

So it's now dead. Sorry...

Oh, and all due apologies to any Toby Keith fans out there. I just can't stand the guy!


Phil Fountain said...

I met Toby Keith once. He begged me to anally rape him.
I did. I thought spending my seed within him might make him a better human being, or at least a better songwriter.
It didn't help, he still sucks, but now its to return a favor.

(I apologize to all of the children reading this blog for the inappropriate content of my comments. Your parents should be blocking this site anyway.)

Uncle E said...

Henry Rollins wrote an hilarious "open letter" to Toby Keith on his program a while back which described Keith's fan base as "Blue of collar and red of neck".