Monday, November 17, 2008

Digging Through The Archives Of Eclecticism

Been in a weird musical mood lately.

No one genre seems like enough, my mind requires a varitable cornucopia of styles to satisfy it's cravings. It's restless almost to the point of obsession, folks, and I'm sure it can't be healthy. These wild musical mood swings only ever lead to me downloading massive quantities of tunes. I feel a little like an alcoholic on a binge at the moment. I'll consume as much as I can in a very small amount of time, enjoying myself thoroughly until the buzz wears off and I wake up, look at my iTunes library and wonder to myself why I spent so much money.

Actually, truth be told, I haven't spent that much. I have found some great deals on Amazon (most albums less than $5.00) which have satisfied my jonesin' ears. I ended up with the original Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack, which is still a campy glam guilty pleasure all these years later, although this time I won't have to wash mustard out of my hair. A funky double album masterpiece from Funkadelic entitled America Eats It's Young, which includes the politically correct track "Loose Booty". Jean Michel Jarre and his space odyssey OXYGENE, possibly one of the best electronic statements ever recorded. The remastered and expanded editions of Technique and Power, Corruption and Lies by New Order. They are magnificent, the former an Ibiza dance classic and the latter the sound of the band breaking clear of the shadow of their former band Joy Division. To top it off, I chose Rockpile and their one and only album Seconds Of Pleasure. A purer rock and roll album you will not find, my friends. Don't know why it took me this long to buy it. It's got 6 Nick Lowe compositions on it which should have been reason enough.

But I think I have to stop now and let my new aquisitions digest in my system for a while. Let them breathe, get their legs about them. I'd hate for one to get lost in the shuffle...


Londinium said...

Absolutely damn right. Oxygene was the first of four grand statements Jarre made. Never been bettered in the genre. If you can, check out the live videos of the Houston concert. The man is/was a god.

Holly A Hughes said...

I guarantee you the Rockpile won't disappoint. Did you get the bonus Everly Brothers tracks?

Uncle E said...

Oxygene is a friggin classic. Took me a while to discover it, but it's quite an affecting piece of work.
And yes, Holly, I did get that version. Played it all the way through three times since Saturday!