Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Please, Someone Save Me From Myself!

Everyone has made a few musical faux-pas during their lifetime. If you're me, then you've made more than a few. Bands or albums that you were infactuated with at the time that sounded groundbreaking and fresh then, after a period of a few years sounded horribly dated or just plain horrible. You ask yourself, "what the hell was I smoking?" and "I wish someone would've tipped me off how bad that was before I rolled down the windows of my Pontiac Sunfire and blasted 'Hungry Like The Wolf' at top volume!"
A friend of mine, mercurial commentor Rumproast, saved me more than once, the most memorable time was with a little band called The Soup Dragons. I was in love with the band's album Love God back in the early 90's until Rumproast informed me that the singer sang with a lisp. You remember their big hit, right? A reggae-rock-techno cover of the Stones I'm Free. I didn't believe him, if I recall, but upon close scrutiny of that particular track I came to the realization that he was spot on.

"I'm FWEEEEE, To do what I want, any old time..."

That, coupled with the fact that Rumproast sung it in a mocking way in an Elmer Fudd accent, was enough. I sold the thing immediately. He was right, of course. They were crap. We used to mock each other relentlessly, and you know what? It was the honorable thing to do, to save each other from commiting musical suicide.

And then we bought tickets and went to see Jesus Jones...

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