Thursday, January 31, 2008

BOGUS BAND BIO #4: "Who's Crying Now?", part III

“Ok now. Corner of Ignacio Vallarta Blvd. and Suarez. Quickly!”
Steve stared out the cab’s window at the clear San Diego night and smiled; it wouldn’t be long now. That son of a bitch Schon was going to pay…dearly. And it wouldn’t be quick, either.
He cracked his knuckles in quick succession, starting with the thumb on his right hand.
Steve Perry, former lead singer of rock band Journey, closed his eyes and imagined what he was going to do with his ‘friend’ Neil Schon when he arrived at his apartment. He wouldn't kill him, no. Too easy. Make him suffer, absolutely!
Exactly how and with what 'instruments' would he carry out his plan had yet to be determined.

Violent, absurd scenarios were being played out in his mind when the cabbie started to drift over towards the soft shoulder of Highway 805 North. The sound of gravel spitting from the tires and crashing into the wheel well was enough to startle the cabbie awake and he jerked the wheel left, hard.

That single act of overcompensation by the driver was enough to send the Lincoln Towne Car straight into the concrete median. The airbags deployed with a ‘whoosh’, probably saving the cabbies life. Steve Perry, sitting in the back, wasn’t so lucky; his head was slammed forward into the drivers seat head rest and his nose, that famous bird-like nose, shattered.

“At…least it’s…insured…” mumbled Steve as he drifted off into unconsciousness.


A blinding light and the sound of low, indistinct utterances, the 'clinking' of bottles and an unplugged electric guitar being strummed.

What the hell?

In his blindness he fumbled for his nose, found it, and starting squeezing.

It wasn’t broken!

As his eyes started adjusting to the light, Steve thought he saw…nah, it couldn’t be. He closed his eyes, rubbed them, and looked straight into an hallucination from the past… be continued


Phil Fountain said...

They said it couldn't be done. But then, they didn't know our beloved Unc. An entire blog entry on the subject of Steve Perry's probiscus. I genuflect in your direction.

P.S. - Love the new header!

Uncle E said...

That new header is a 'snippet' of one of SHaryn's paintings. My favorite, actually. So thanks!

Genuflect! Probiscus!

What's with the overabundance of multi-syllabic verbiage, Philbert?
You get a thesaurus for X-mas, or something?

Phil Fountain said...

I just appear erudite in the context of your blog.
Gotcha back!