Sunday, January 27, 2008

2008 Releases I’m Looking Forward To

Supergrass, Diamond Hoo Ha Man
The ‘Grass are at it again for 2008 and if it’s anything like their last album, 2005’s Road To Rouen, it will be something to cheer about. They remain the last great active Brit-pop band, churning out great albums since their debut I Should Coco in 1995.

Billy Bragg, Mr. Love And Justice
Mr. Bragg has been doin’ his thang since 1984 (nineteen-freakin’-eighty four!), and he’s only released 6 proper albums (plus two with Wilco interpreting Woody Guthrie--Mermaid Ave. #1 and #2). It’s obvious the man waits until he’s got ‘A’ material, which makes this 2008 release so exciting. The old communist is still vital!

Portishead, TBA
Trip Hop mavericks Portishead are set to release an album sometime mid-2008 after an 11 year absence. The million dollar question is, can they meet the expectations of their rabid fan base (what’s left of them, anyway)? We’ll have to wait and see…

Of Montreal, Skeletal Lamping
These psychedelic art house weirdos escaped the carnival and jumped straight into a David Lynch movie for last year’s excellent 'Hissing Fauna Are You The Destroyer?', so one can only guess where Mr. Kevin Barnes and his euphoric indie popsters will end up for their new one.

The Cure, TBA
Hey, forget the fact that Robert Smith is now a dead ringer for Elizabeth Taylor; a new Cure album is ALWAYS cause for celebration!

My Bloody Valentine, TBA
There is no way in HELL that Kevin Shields can match the sonic innovation of Loveless. Perhaps that’s why he waited a full 17 years to record the follow up. This, above all, is the most anticipated new release of 2008. Expectations are high!

Blur, TBA
If the rumors are true, Damon Albarn and company will be re-forming for a full length sometime this year. Damon has been a busy camper since Blur’s last album, releasing two highly successful Gorillaz albums and forming a band with former Clash bassist Paul Simonin. Like My Bloody Valentine, the release of this new album will be an event, but the jury’s still out whether or not they can recapture the magic of the early days.

Spiritualized, TBA
This band has never disappointed me. This is the one release I feel confident will exceed my expectations.

My Morning Jacket, TBA
Probably my most anticipated new release of 2008. I became a rabid fan after hearing their remarkable follow up to ’It Still Moves’, ’Z’. They released an excellent live album (OKONOKOS) which kept us fans satisfied, but now it’s time for the boys to release their follow up. Can’t wait.

M Ward, TBA
Oregon troubadour M Ward’s last offering (Post War) was one of the finest releases of 2006, and included the folk-rock gems ’Chinese Translation‘, ‘Magic Trick‘, ‘Poison Cup‘, ‘To Go Home’ and ‘Requiem‘. In a just world this guy would be HUGE, but for those of us lucky enough to have discovered him, he’ll no doubt remain a cherished secret.

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