Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Few Things “The Digital Age Of Music” Has Destroyed…

Album art and liner notes.
The smell of new music.
Spending (wonderful) hours at independent music shops, simply browsing.
Rolling, ahem, cigarettes, ahem, on gatefold sleeves.
Scrounging for milk crates, most often behind convenience stores, to store your albums (LP's).
Organizing your albums alphabetically, chronologically, by genre, whatever.
Buying new albums based solely on artwork or band name and, occasionally, finding a real treasure.
The experience and excitement of searching for months (or years!), and finally finding that rare CD or record album.
Trading in old albums you no longer listen to for something new.
Bragging rights on the size and diversity of your collection.


The big record companies(thankfully).


Rob said...

Here here!!!

Rob said...

....but I need to confess, being only 31 years old, none of these truly applies to me, having grown up in the CD generation but prior to the digital age.

However I can understand the appeal and charm of claiming dicarded milk crates behind dumpsters at supermarkets!!!