Saturday, January 5, 2008


A Guest editorial from fellow music snob and lead singer for Hugh G. Rection and the Sexual Experience on the topic of...well, I don't know yet, but stand by. Knowing Hugh, it promises to be very entertaining!

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uNCLE e said...

To give you folks a reason to watch out for this article, I present to you my review of Pleasant Smut Anthology, the latest release from Hugh G Rection and the Sexual Experience:

"Pleasant Smut Anthology is a revolutionary album, but it's a subtle, understated revolution. Without question, it is a guitar rock album — it's astonishing to hear the interplay between Hugh G. Rection (lead singer/ songwriter) and Vinnie Gerdouche — but it is a guitar rock album unlike any other. Where their predecessors in the Hamilton punk scene, most notably the band Bullshit Mouse, had fused blues structures with avant-garde flourishes, Hugh G. Rection and The Sexual Experience completely strip away any sense of swing or groove, even when they are playing standard three-chord changes. Pleasant Smut Anthology is comprised entirely of tense garage rockers that spiral into heady intellectual territory, which is achieved through the group's long, interweaving instrumental sections, not through Rection's words. That alone makes Pleasant Smut a trailblazing album — it's impossible to imagine post-punk soundscapes without it. Of course, it wouldn't have had such an impact if Rection and Gerdouche (and Buster Hyman & Emmanuel Labour, to a lesser extent) hadn't written an excellent set of songs that conveyed a fractured urban mythology unlike any of his contemporaries. From the nervy opener, "Sammy The Sperm," to the majestic “Eat Shit You Bitch“, to the ephemeral “Would You Mind?“ to the stunningly primal “Methane Pyro”, there is simply not a bad song on the entire record. And what has kept Pleasant Smut Anthology fresh over the years is how The Sexual Experience flesh Hugh’s poetry into sweeping sonic epics. Truly one for the ages, folks!"