Sunday, January 27, 2008

Uncle E's Random iPod Shuffle: 10 Songs

In the spirit of full disclosure I am about to reveal to the world what happens when I hit "SHUFFLE SONGS" on my iPod. There's over 12,000 now, and some could be, well...a little shocking. I solomnly swear that the following list is absolutely true and random. This is an experiment, one that may REALLY backfire on me, but I'm willing to risk it for the good of Musickind!

OK, no turning back now, here I go!!!!!

TRACK #1: Greenacre Bay, China Crisis. Not bad, good start...
TRACK #2: Sunday Buttermilk, by The Black Crowes. A little retro, but still ok.
TRACK #3: Lonesome Town, by Ricky Nelson. Fine. Credibility still intact.
TRACK #4: My Father's Gun, by Elton John. From Tumbleweed Connection. Philbert will hate this one, but I'm still ok as far as I'm concerned.
TRACK #5: Untitled Instrumental, by Television. A surfy bonus track from the remastered version of Marquee Moon. Phew! I'm sweatin' here!
TRACK #6: Calendar Girl, by Stars. Excellent!
TRACK #7: This Must Be The Place, by Pet Shop Boys. Very undervalued, great band.
TRACK #8: 3-Speed, by The EELS. Off Electro Shock Blues, a 'deep cut'. Home stretch now...
TRACK #9: Pledging My Time, by Bob Dylan. Blonde On Blonde, that should get me back in Philbert's good graces!
TRACK #10: My Melancholy Blues, by Queen. So everyone knows I'm a fan of Queen, so...

My God, that's a little bit like Russian Roulette. Very frightening indeed! Not that I have anything to be ashamed about on my iPod.

I'm just really glad Mr. Roboto didn't 'pop' up! Or Da Da Da by Trio...or Boston...or.............................


Hal Johnson said...

Oh man, you're braver than I am!

Uncle E said...

Yeah Hal it was rather weird...When ya comin' back, BTW?

Phil Fountain said...

You were OK with an Elton John track from "Tumbleweed Connection," that one didn't suck (very much.) And the "Blonde On Blonde" track saves you anyway.
That's a great should make "iPod Roulette" a regular feature! Fun stuff!