Monday, January 21, 2008

Don Martin In The 1970's

In addition to being a self described music geek, I'm also a little obsessed with MAD Magazine, especially the art of Don Martin, R.I.P. Put the two together and I'm in absolute Heaven!

I came across this poster Martin designed as a giveaway for one of the "MAD Super Specials" in the 70's and thought it worth sharing. You gotta see the details, so click on the image to enlarge.

Philbert, you oughta enjoy this one!


Greg Pate said...

Great stuff! I love Don Martin, and can render a fairly decent likeness of his characters. (In fact, my latest blog post touts my considerable skills as a cartoonist.) But what I'm wondering is: Have you seen the special-edition Mad Magazine called "Mad's War on Bush"? (Bush the Prez. Nothing misogynistic about it.) Pretty funny. I'll loan it to you if you'd like. You can look at it between chess moves.

~Greggy Pee

Phil Fountain said...

You're right, Unc! That is cool. I never thought of Don Martin as a caricaturist, but there you have it.
Of course, we consider Don Martin (Mad's Maddest Artist) to be a genius and who's to say we're wrong?
You know, Unc, more stuff on comics might be a neat addition to your blog. In my humble opinion anyway.

uNCLE e said...

You know Phil, I was thinking the same thing! I think Don did a cover with Alfred E. once, but other than that I don't remember any other Martin caricatures. Nice comment!