Sunday, July 6, 2008

10 Fun Facts About Steely Dan

Did you know…

…that Walter Becker and gonzo journo Hunter Thompson were arrested after they filmed a sci-fi porn movie at the world famous annual Munich Beer Festival in 1973?
…that Donald Fagen had his forehead tattooed with the web address of a gambling site after auctioning off advertising space on his head to pay for his black jack debts?
…that Walter Becker got locked in Yankee stadium after he fell asleep on the toilet?
…that Donald Fagen is a “Super Fan” of up and coming fringe sport "Extreme Ironing"?
…that Walter Becker has invested a large sum of his album royalties in a “love motel” in Soa Paulo for amorous dogs and cats?
…that drug charges against the duo were dropped recently because the judge was using a sex toy, a penis pump, in court?
…That Donald Fagen found a great horned owl which was starving in his backyard because it had gone blind? Fagen, generous sort that he is, paid to have new eye lenses implanted so he could train it to bring him his beloved Saltine crackers.
…That Walter Becker has a morbid fear of ferns?
…That Donald Fagen holds the world record for owning the largest collection of belly button lint? He has been collecting for over 20 years and has more than half an ounce of the stuff.
…That Steely Dan’s original drummer was William S. Burroughs?

The above was created, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, out of respect for the fantastic folks over at the Any Major Dude music site.


Any major dude with half a heart said...

Oh man, thanks.

Both of me are very amused at the Steely Dan facts. Actually, you had me going up to the auction of Fagen's forehead. And I don't get fooled often, having taken the vow of The Who.

Holly A Hughes said...

I do dig that site. And Steely Dan. And your fun factoids!

Uncle E said...

Thanks Holly and Dude! I had a lot of fun with this one. And you both have great sites!