Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Not so much a band as a long, strange trip..."

From the artist friendly folk over at Yep Roc Records...

Mercury Rev readies first new studio album in nearly four years, Snowflake Midnight set for Sept. 30 release

The New York Times has called the music of Mercury Rev "a free associative castle in the air, with every detail shimmering." On Snowflake Midnight, the group's first proper album in nearly four years, they tear the castle down.

In a sense, Mercury Rev had to "unlearn" twenty years of experience to make Snowflake. "We wanted to let go of familiar and comfortable ideas of sound and ways of working," says Mercel. Traditional instruments were abandoned for vintage and cutting edge electronics. Songs weren't written so much as they evolved. Order was abandoned, and happenstance was embraced, resulting in one of the most fertile creative outpourings in the band's history. Every song included on Snowflake was edited, manipulated and distilled from hours of recorded material.

A similarly painstaking process went into making Strange Attractor, a companion album which will be made available as a free download from mercuryrev.com and yeproc.com. This all-instrumental album shares some musical themes with Snowflake Midnight but features eleven exclusive, all-new songs. Strange Attractor will also accompany the vinyl release of Snowflake Midnight. Sign up for the Mercury Rev mailing list and on release day the digital album will be added to your Stash!

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