Monday, July 28, 2008

People Get Ready!

I think it's time that we had another rock and roll revolution.

Rock And Roll in the 50's.

Psychedelia in the 60's.

Punk in the 70's.

House/ rave music in the 80's.

Grunge in the 90's.

And zippo thus far in the new millennium.

It's time.


Rob McCleary said...

It's time, alright...FOR WAR UNIVERSE!!!

Simon said...

What do you think you're doing now E? This counts as a revolution of sorts. And unlike a lot of those things you mention, this one isn't about youth!!!

I'm being partly ridiculous, but really, music blogging is a little bit punk; the writing/internet equivalent of learning three chords and going out and forming a band, isn't it?

Uncle E said...

Right on, Simon! That makes me feel a lot better. I turned 40 and thought that the corperate world, having a family and a mortgage etc had sucked whatever "punk" was in me right down the toilet. But I see and agree with you 100%. I do need to be a little more angst-y though...

Holly A Hughes said...

I think middle-aged angst is the sound of the new millenium. Screw youth! Let's take back the music world, the kids f*cked it all up and only we can save it.

But what should we call it? Arthritis Rock?

Do not go gentle into that good night...