Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Quick Plug For Janes Rehab!

Just found out recently that my cousin Jim is playing guitar and keyboards for a talented (and extremely fun, if the band pics on their website are any indication) cover band. Some of the artists they cover are: The Beatles, The Cars, George Michael (!), Depeche Mode and Blur and Radiohead.

If you're anywhere near Southern Ontario, Canada, I highly encourage you to go and see a gig.

And if you DO decide to do that, tell 'em "Uncle E from Northern California sent me". He will do one of two things: either shake your hand and buy you a drink, or kick you in the balls and spit on your back. Hey, it's better odds than the lottery!

Check out their band website to check out some of their songs and find out when their next gig is here

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