Thursday, July 3, 2008

Band Name Generator

There's actually a site that creates band names with a (probably trademarked) "Band Generator" thingamabob. It's pretty cool! You can just hit "generate" and it'll spit out 10 random names, or you can type in a key word and it'll do the same, but with your key word integrated.
Here's my 10 random results:
American Army
Farting Bank
Blubber Dad
Frugal Ire
Kumquat Poison
Gold Men
Abuse Dilemma
Resisting Gasoline
Modern Wreck Of The Oral Obscurity
Pig Street

...and here's my 10 using the word "Angst"...
Chartreuse Angst
Dandy Angst
Dangerous Angst And The Leg
Juicy Angst
Gross Angst And The Streaked Okra
Sugar Angst And The Supermarket
Angst Cow
Angst Anthem
Euro Angst
Angst Of The Indirect

Hours and hours of fun! Click HERE to give it a go.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but no machine can come up with Hitler's Titties.

harry kiri said...

Jello Biafra had one track in spoken word's "no more coccons" called names for bands__ some were quite good!
Here we had a band called (translated) holy mary oil on your belly...

Uncle E said...

Yes, I remember No More Cocoons where Jello did a rant on that. His first spoken word album, right?

RumpRoast said...

Hmmm... Uncle E... was it Jello Biafra who did a bit on politicians as heavy metal bands?



Uncle E said...

Yeah Rump, it was, and I can still hear him now...'MONNNNDAAAAALLLLE', AND IF MEMORY SERVES ME CORRECT HE SAID HE WOULD ADD THOSE TWO dots above the "O", like all those German heavy metal bands of the 70's and 80's...

Howdy Of The Lone Moron said...

Hitler's Titties. Good one.
The machine DID come up with my new moniker, though... Howdy Of The Lone Moron.