Thursday, July 10, 2008

Generous Old Uncle E Gives Some College Kids Their BIG Break!

Touting themselves as a "live, all improv college band" with "over a dozen rotating members", who are "pro-herb, anti-contract & some cut & paste", We're Late For Class left me a comment asking (nay, begging) for me to give their new album a plug.
They must have heard of the massive influence that UEMN's had on breaking up and coming bands like Green Day and My Morning Jacket. I have heard tell that the so called "Editors" over at Paste magazine troll my site looking for "the next big thing". In fact, Jann Wenner, founder of Rolling Stone, and I have tea every Wednesday.

By phone.

You boys and girls over at We're Late For Class should be commended for having the cajones large enough to contact a media figure of my stature and being bold enough to ask me, me, for my endorsement of your band.
Well I've had a listen and, lucky for you, the official verdict is a big thumbs up! Four and a half doobies out of five! Very very funny and creative stuff, this. And whoever does your covers is a friggin' savant, man.
Actually guys, come on, I get all of 40-100 unique visitors a day, MAX. But I'm glad to help in whatever way I can. Screw the music companies, continue with your grass-roots marketing campaign, and best of luck to ya!

--Uncle E


We're Late For Class said...

Hey Unc,
Thanks a million. Guys like us HAVE to do it 40-100 people at a time. The glory days of the industry handing out fat checks to stoned troublemakers like us is long gone... unfortunately. So what? It's more fun to just make it and give it away anyway. Thanks for the space E.

ThomG said...

E, you're always going to be No. 1 - with a bullet - in my book.

Hal Johnson said...

E, I probably outweigh most of your readers, so count me for two.

Best of luck to We're Late For Class.