Monday, July 14, 2008

Everything A Funk Album Should Be

It’s stanky, sweaty, sexy, soulful and altogether groovy. The Killion Floor by Los Angeles based ensemble Orgone, released in 1974...oops, 2007... embodies everything tasty and good about funk. 17 tracks totaling 76 minutes of groove infested roots funk, The Killion Floor is a throwback to the good old days when George Clinton, Eddie Kramer and Bootsy Collins disembarked the mothership and blew everyone’s minds with their stink-weed infused sci-fi R&B. It also pays homage to such genre masters as Curtis Mayfield, Booker T and the MG’s, The JB’s and the Meters.
The band’s take on Funky Nassau, with it’s wah-wah guitar licks, horny horns, rubbery bass and absolutely superb vocals from soul diva Fanny Franklin. It’s a mesmerizing song, something to get lost in.
The albums center is moist and chewy and contains two of the best funk songs I’ve ever heard: I Get Lifted and Hambone (7:26 and 7:54, respectively). Like the best funk of the 70’s the songs start slowly and build up to a swaggering and exciting jam before burning out. And the whole album continues like this. So sexy and satisfying you’ll need a smoke after listening.
The album’s getting great reviews and their publicity machine seems to be generating some serious buzz. I hope this band catches on and starts a greasy funk revival. The world would indeed be a better place if folks would shake their ass more often.
As the All Music Guide states, “These cats are composers, arrangers, and mighty players in their own right; when assembled together as a unit, Orgone may be unbeatable and the evidence is right on The Killion Floor.”

...and you have to see them live! Here's a taste:

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